Blogging- why?

Blogging. It’s a strange thing. Not really something new but possibly something that you might have considered. 

77% of internet users apparently read blogs. 

What does that say to me?

It suggests that people visit the internet looking for people and their views and experiences. 

Trip Advisor serves a similar purpose. Straightforward advice about places and services for the traveler. Research via blogs serves a more in depth purpose. 

It’s a way of finding perspectives that may be similar or different to our own. One popular field that gives a good example is of course food. Finding the careful recipe of a dedicated cook can enable you to tailor a meal to a special diet or to find something simpler/more reliable/faster or just newer than something you’ve tried before. 

So you can get an idea from lots of different internet sources?

What makes a blog different?

To me it’s the human element if a blogger you follow shares their experience they share their perspective, their wisdom, their humanity, if you like. 

Take another example. A skill you’ve never tried. I recently wanted to mend a broken pot. I came across the Japanese art of Kinsugi where gold leaf is used combined with glue to restore ceramics by making the cracks and flaws a beautiful feature. 

I liked it. 

I found resources that told me how to do it but it didn’t give me much confidence until I came across a blog post. 

It gave me a greater insight into the pitfalls of this apparent simple technique. 

I then started looking for a more feasible strategy and technique. It made a difference, saved me time and helped me. Now I could’ve asked friends but this specialist approach might well not have been familiar. By checking a few blog posts I got a different level of information. 

I’ve done this a lot now. When I wanted to dye a coat I asked a blogger who had more experience with dye. She gave me some tips and encouragement. 

What have you got to loose?

I guess the two themes come together. The broken Pottery is something made more beautiful from having been broken so the experience gives it more depth. 

Then the advice I received about dying my coat : if you want to try. Blogging what have you got to loose? 

  • Start as a reader and see what you find.
  • Then share your experience. 

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