Thank you Facebook for starting my day with a bang! #IWD2017 it is!

International Women’s day. A day of reflection. A day to challenge and reflect. An opportunity to reflect on the many facets of equality, attitude and access which women encounter every day. Taking that time makes it a significant day for men and women.

I was greeted this morning by fireworks on Facebook; ‘huzzah’ it’s international women’s day it loudly declared.


A little much for a pre-coffee greeting I thought at first and then, over my oats, I began to ponder. Is this really a day of celebration? If so, what exactly is it that we are celebrating?  Women, progress, achievement?

As I reached for my coffee, whilst simultaneously packing lunches, checking emails, navigating the art of the preferred ponytail angle and having a battle with Ruby, the PlayMobil pirate who is the defender of gold, it suddenly seemed extraordinary to me that we would dedicate one day of the year to 3.52 billion people (just under half of the world’s population) which feels slightly at odds with the scale of this group. The more I think about it, the more peculiar it seems.

I think the seeds of my wondering had be sown…

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