Reflection and content

It’s like a New Year’s resolution when you decide to commit to a blog. Bright and keen setting out with the first post may be easy, fueled by the initial commitment, but blogging regularly may be the goal and it becomes an uphill struggle very fast. 

Seeing blogging as a reflection rather than a writing process is one way of finding content. 

I have two blogs. One is environmental Green Lizard Blog started about four years ago with two tentative posts. Then there was a lull where I wrote little. After about a year I found momentum and commitment. I was able to reflect on specific things which helped the posts roll. 

Identifying topics for this blog has been harder. I’m well aware that there are many Edtech bloggers who are covering the strongest topics. So I’m going to need to start again with a Content focus. Making a list will help.

What can I write about? 

  1. Tools I’ve used. Given the massive possibilities with apps and tools that are available now it’s useful to reflect on things I’ve found useful. 
  2. Events. If something happens it’s beneficial to reflect on it. It might be a learning breakthrough, an organizational decision a teaching technique. 
  3. Reading. Sunmerising interesting articles and documents can help to galvanize their impact or just relate an annotation for later use. 
  4. Colleague wisdom. When we are surrounded by people exploring the same journey we often exchange and discuss. It may be useful to record and contemplate those interactions as beneficial insights.
  5. Lists. This is a standard blogging tool. So what kind of list can an educator share? Weirdly I think educators use lists all the time. Yet do we see that they could be beneficial to others or to keep. That start of year list, the list of strategies for a specific maths topic or learner struggle. A list that helps us prioritise or keep focus. 

So five elements is likely enough. It’s half term. 

Or maybe blogging about how to unwind and get perspective is a good idea after all it’s something teachers find very hard to do. 

What’s your key to finding inspiration? 

Top Tip

This week some of my learners reflected on each other’s work. They focused on positives and shared to a big screen. It was great for them to celebrate each other’s work. 

Enjoy the break! 


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