#CSN2016 conference Leiden, The Netherlands 

While presenting my Digital Toolbox  at Friday’s CSN conference in Leiden, I was asked a really important question.

What do I suggest for teachers using technology when it goes wrong and they feel disillusioned?

I answered with the following. I think it’s really important to tell the students that you are trying something new. Don’t build your whole lesson around it, leave it till the end, do it as a new skills slot that is short and sweet then if it doesn’t go according to plan they know and you know that it’s not going to bring the whole lesson tumbling down.

Some technologies only work when you actually use them for the first time. You can’t really simulate 20 people doing something digital until you try it with 20 people doing something digital.

Be honest with your learners, tell them that it’s an experiment and that you not sure whether it’s going to work. 

If nobody in the room has used the technology before then it’s worth learning how to use it before you use it to learn with. It is reasonable to use a skill introduction rather than let the learning be undermined by a skill that no one’s confident using.

We know that the second time you do something that usually goes better than the first so why should we try something new then be disappointed if it doesn’t go perfectly?

If that was a good attitude nothing in the world would happen twice.

Remember students need to see us learning and risk taking too. 

During the conference I shared this presentation. Digital toolbox

I combined lots of ideas for working with children. Content can be anything you want it to be. Tech allows for engagement and interaction which can help us to learn. 

Never be afraid to stop if it doesn’t work out but try again. The next time. 

What’s your secret when trying new technologies? 

(Children with Special Needs is an organization that runs a bi annual. Conference in The Netherlands for international teachers working across the country. )


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