Digital Collaboration with The Beatles

Technology is often implicated in discussions about creativity in a way that implies that tech isn’t. 

I’m not sure why that is. So often tech can be such an incredible platform to aid a creative process. 

And that’s where The Beatles came in recently. 

The challenge: raise awareness and some money. 

The focus: Save the Children. A world wide charity organization. 

The means: a video. 

Now videos showcasing have been created for many years but going back to perhaps the first such well known collaboration of this kind is a historical process. Band Aid (before live aid ) had many celebs coming together in musical harmony to highlight a world issue. 

Today everyone can achieve something similar. It’s not necesarily easy as it takes guts, commitment and time but the available tech is simple. 

Here’s the evidence. 

If you enjoyed it please think about donating. 


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