Why I like Twitter

There’s very many blog posts about Twitter. So why I’d add to that mountain could be anybody’s guess. You can find out how to use it, who else is using it, what the best hashtags are and how it can enhance your business.

I won’t be attempting to replicate any of those sites. 

However I wanted to reflect on how I’ve benefitted from using it. Initially Twitter was another way of trying to bring visitors to my Green Lizard blog. It was a recommended tool for increasing followers. 

But recently I’ve found that collaboration that it brings really inspiring. 

As a teacher it’s often easy to feel isolated in your work. There are many other people around you also teaching. But opportunities to share professionally can be limited. Twitter is becoming a staff room for our profession. A virtual place to find and share ideas and thinking. 

It’s been really useful to me in that context. 

Using hashtags

The hashtags is a market for finding material but more important to me it is a signpost or an invitation. 

With a hashtag like #NT2tEU I’ve participated in conversation and sharing with teachers about using Twitter this week. Colleagues from around the world all invited by this simple signpost. 


As a teacher time is never available but sometimes it’s not just about quantity it’s about opportunity. Because Twitter is there all the time, it’s up to you when you access it. It’s a 24-7 library, archive, meeting place. Just like the all night supermarket you can go there whenever you need something rather than during office hours or local time zones. There’s generally someone there whenever you go as its running all the time all over the world. And I’ve found that helpful because opportunity also refers to other people. So often when you need something another person doesn’t have the time. With Twitter there will often be someone available at the same time as you or they can respond and you’ll find it when to check in.

This tweetping shows the Twitter activity across the world in a few seconds. Twitter never sleeps. 


Many people have suggested that CPD opportunities have become much broader via Twitter but I think it’s far more exciting than this sounds. I’ve recently participated in a MOOC and the Twitter aspect if this has created conversation for the MOOC itself but the benefit has been further reaching. 

Connections from the MOOC have led to links with other people who have relevance to my field too. So now I have many more resources to draw upon. 

The second advantage for CPD for me has been recognition. In that isolated space where we teach we are surrounded by learners but feedback on our own work is harder to find. However via Twitter when sharing ideas it’s possible to learn about your own successes and to fix things or improve. 

What have you found useful in social networks from a professional view point?


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