All MOOC’ed out!

I’ve recently blogged about a MOOC that I’m doing at the moment. I’d intended to write each week but there’s been a hiccup. 

Now it’s the end of the course and in spite of the break I still want to share my final thoughts. 

There were seven weeks in total including two weeks of introduction and five with assignments. 

The course, called Teaching with Tablets, has been very rich in the impact that it’s had for me. 

The different elements are listed in this image. 


The way this course was structured has been really useful. It had a number of parts:

  • The outline was on Blackboard 
  • A discussion forum on Google+ was the sharing platform for all contributions
  • We used Twitter ever week to catch up in a discussion
  • Email was used to share the weekly assignments too.

These  locations were useful as exemplars of learning mechanisms before we even began to interact. 

Two hundred and fifty four people joined the course. We had around eight people leading it too. This meant that the community was supported and nurtured as we got to know each other. Another live demo of how to encourage those who are learning. 

Within the course everyone shared their work public ally to the other participants. So we could all benefit from a wealth of ideas. 

This video was shared too and explains what the concept of a MOOC is as well. 

What is a MOOC?

During the course I’ve been really inspired. Firstly coming up with ideas for each assignment but then seeing other people’s spin on each one.
its been amazing. I’ve explored a number of great new ideas and it has influenced my practice.

I’ll be looking out for another MOOC to join soon.

Have you ever done any online learning?
What was your experience like?


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