Testing a Thinglink 

As part of the MOOC that I joined last week. I made an app smash project. 

So there’s lots of references already. A MOOC is a Massive On-line Open Course. And it’s free which is a bonus. 

An App Smash involved bringing content from one or more  apps into another. So for example create a stop motion animation then bring it into iMovie to edit it or add headings and other details. 

The app smash I did was using three apps if never used before. I created an animated video with Plotagon which was quite entertaining. It’s an app where you can create characters and then write a script for them. I shared the video via my You Tube channel. 

It was good fun. 

The Main App that I brought everything into was Thing Link which I was very impressed with. It was simple to make, easy to edit and very easy to share. I used Edmodo to give it to the students who were ten. 

The Thing link had web page links and text and I linked it to a Titan Pad to record the student voice simultaneously in one place. 

I also brought in a photo montage with Haiku deck but didn’t find it as easy to share. 

And I added a link to a web page of resources for the lesson.

All in all it was a worthwhile experience where I learned a great deal about the new apps. 

When I used it it created engagement and helped us to share our ideas. 


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