Hands Free Mobile

iPads and tablets are handy things they can be used on the run and wherever you are.

But there’s times when there are some things that are impeded by their sheer mobility.

I’ve noticed that sometimes it would be great to have an extra pair of hands to hold the device.


And now I’ve got one.

It seems a bit daft but in reality I’ve found this extremely useful since it arrived about three days ago.

The benefits I’ve found so far are:

1. Posture. Holding the device in this tripod means I can sit or stand straighter.

2. I can use my hands more widely.

3. Fatigue. There’s something to be said for not holding it in terms of physical comfort.

4. Eye eye. If you’ve seen those recommendations about visual comfort when using a screen then think about how iPad use relates to the eyes. This makes a difference.

5. Steadier view for film and photos.

6. Different angle. It’s got a big range of height adjustment from about 60 cans to almost 2m. In your hand the iPad is commonly only at head height or waist height.

7. Angle range. True perpendicular through to horizontal in two directions.

8. Ease of use.

It’s a really handy thing.


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